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Slowing Down

Monday, July 03, 2023

Slowing Down

Hey everyone! My name is Cora and I am the sole owner and founder of Heal With Cora. I am here to help you heal from whatever trauma happened in your life or help you get through whatever situation you are currently going through. I will help you weather your storm.

The first thing I am going to talk about is slowing down. When I say we need to slow down, it typically means that we feel overwhelmed, stressed, or mentally and physically exhausted from the fast pace of our lives or the demands placed upon us. It suggests that we desire to take a step back from our current activities or responsibilities in order to create more balance, find time for rest and self-care, and regain a sense of clarity and focus. Slowing down can involve reducing our commitments, simplifying our daily routine, setting boundaries, and prioritizing our well-being.

Why is slowing down important? 

1. Mental and emotional well-being
2. Physical health
3. Reflection and introspection
4. Improved productivity and focus
5. Enjoying the present moment 

As you can see, it is so important to slow down. I made the mistake of not slowing down in college and I payed the price for it. Every time concert season came around, me not resting caught up with me. Every semester, I would get sick. There was also the time where I was doing so much that my body quite literally shut down. I had what we thought was a stroke at first. Luckily that was ruled out, but I did earn a hospital stay to rule out seizures as well. They ended up just saying it was a syncope episode (passing out spell), but it was still scary for me and my friends that were with me when it happened.

So, you can see with both of those stories why slowing down is important. Today I want you to take some time to slow down. Take a breath and just do something for you. Do something fun. Wind down. Take some time to slow down and just be with the ones you love

Happy healing,

Hi, I Am Cora Wilson

CEO Of Best Blog Ever

I am so glad that you have joined me here and I cannot wait to help you learn more about healing yourself! There are so many different ways to do this and I am honored and humbled that you have chosen to come here. I cannot wait to get to know you more!