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Come find unique tools for mental healing and well-being here!

I'm Cora Wilson

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I am a woman who has a passion for helping people.

Welcome to my page! I am super excited that you are here! My mission is to reach as many people as I can promoting mental health and healing of any kind. I will give you tools that you can put in your toolbox to help you weather your storms. You are not alone and I would be honored and humbled to walk with you one-on-one or through the resources and trainings I have to offer.

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Get To Know Cora Wilson Better

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The Start Of It All

Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to help people but I was never sure how. I started doing everything music in middle school. So much so that people kept telling me to go to school for it. So...I did. BUT when it came down to applying to schools to get a position to teach, I just...couldn't do it. There was something that was just telling me not to do it and that I could make more of a difference telling other people my story and sharing how I made it to where I am now. My true calling is to help people and I want to reach as many people as possible.  

The Full Story

I grew up being a child with a disability. As I got older, I realized that having a disability made it so I had more empathy towards people and made it so I could understand more deeply how people were feeling. When I was deciding what to study, I went with what everyone was saying but I also added psychology because I love studying the brain. Getting a degree in both psychology and music has taught me so much and it has also made me an avid researcher. My goal is to reach and help as many people as I can and I  know that I have the knowledge and experience to do that.

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Overcome Objections and Limiting Beliefs

  • ​Item One: I don't believe in myself
  • ​Item Two: I don't have anybody to turn to for support
  • ​Item Three: I don't want to talk to a stranger about what is going on with me

I faced some of these objections and limiting beliefs too! These beliefs are what started me on this path. In that picture I accomplished literally climbing a mountain and whenever I think less of what I am doing and who I am, I remind myself of this picture. I never thought I would be able to physically climb a mountain but I did. I chose to tackle my own issues, and you can choose that too. I will be right here to help you every step of the way! Enter your info below to join in on my mission.

Your journey is your own and only you control it! Nobody's journey is the same! 

Heal your whole self

  • ​Number one: You'll have access to tools and trainings to help you weather your storms
  • Number two: You won't be facing your storms alone
  • Number three: My experiences and education gives me a unique perspective